Replacing exterior window channel weather strips on a 1991 Chevrolet Corsica 4 door.


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Replacing exterior window channel weather strips on a 1991 Chevrolet Corsica 4 door.

I have a 1991 Chevrolet Corsica 4 door sedan that needed the exterior window weather strip assemblies for all four door windows replaced. I bought the needed parts from the Chevrolet dealer. I have a "Haynes" repair manual for the car but naturally it dosen't cover this type of repair or any other repair that I have tried to do for that matter (what a waste of a manual it is). Does anyone know of a web site that might have directions on how to remove the old weather strip assemblies and and replace them with new ones? They appear to be fastened with simple clips but I don't know how to make the switch without possible breaking the assemblies and/or clips. Removing the inside door panel to get to the clips is not an option as that takes the world famous "special tool" (Also known as the tool that only the dealer has so you have to pay them to do a simple job.. sorry for ranting on) to remove the window crank.

The weather strips in question are the ones that run along the bottom of the window opening and stop the rain from running down the window and into the interior of the door.

Thank you for any help!!
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These can be a pain to do and can be pretty labor intensive. I have done them on my older Firebirds and they involve quite a lot (including the door panel removal...that's the easy part, it just pops off). The window often has to be lowered way down and the guides/props/stops of the window moved so it will lower down far enough so the glass doesn't cover the screws that hold the channels in.

The only extensive step-by-step resource to show you the R&R instructions is the OEM manual ( is the vendor that sells them). The Haynes is a good reference manual, but beyond the basics, it's a table prop. You could try in my signature file, but I'm not sure they get that extensive in the body arena.

Barring that, the OEM manual is the way to go, or any body shop could handle this for you. Might not charge you that much.
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Hi duffer:
I have changed a few of these on slightly newer models of G M's and P/U's. What I saw were clips exactly like you described. Roll window down. I start at the hinge side of door and pry up the fist clip. Usually the window there is below the first clip. You should see it, the rest are relatively easy to pull up. Old strip is of no use anyway. Replacement is pretty simple, align the strip to the window and push down inplace.
However I have NEVER replaced them on a Corsica.
If you are not real confident with the DIY, then as Joe sez, maybe get a quote from a body shop.

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