runs hot


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runs hot

Hey guys, Have a '94 Grand am. 4 cyl.(no idea what size). It runs hot. heater works great and the RADIATOR IS ICE COLD.

It runs 2/3's of temp gauge, about 225 degrees according to scale on the gauge and will cool to normal if it idles a while.

I bought a thermostat. Is this the most likely cause? and where the heck does it go? I thought it went at the end of the upper rad. hose. which is in the back of the engine next to the power steering pump. There is a housing there, but the bolts seem too small(10mm wrench) I am sure to snap them. Is it somewhere else?
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Hey, tazz! Far from a professional, I'm just a happy do-it-yourselfer who's done a bunch with the help of this forum. If the housing you're speaking of has the look of the older, more familiar t-stat housing and a neck for the hose, you can be pretty sure it's over the t-stat. 10mm bolt heads are probably about right, especially with more than one - my wife's '89 Olds with 3.8l v-6 takes only one bolt at the t-stat housing, but it seals with an o-ring instead of a gasket. If memory serves, I use a 10mm 1/4" drive socket with a swivel to turn it. As long as it's not frozen/corroded in place, you won't break anything. Be careful and let us know what happens.
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Oh no....I think I found the thermostat this morning using the on line chiltons link. Is the water pump in back of the engine, UNDER the exaust manifold and runs off the front? and the lower rad hose runs between the engine and trans. then the thermostat is at the hose/water pump conection?...Oh my god. WOW.
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are you sure the vehicle is overheating 225 is normal range and usually the fans do not kick on to around 230 to cool the engine down.
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Check the Chilton link closely or purchase a 25 dollar annual subscription if the Chilton is not good enough.

I'm not sure I understand what the problem really is. Does the temperature gauge go into the red zone? No heat? Heat varies?
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Thermostat in. Temp is normal now...200 ish.

Accually when I finaly found where it was I thought what a dumb idea GM. But now that I did it, it was the easiest thero. I ever changed..Location could have been a little better but overall nice engineering GM. No gasket to scrape, no seised bolts and no clamps to mess with.

Thanx to the help of this site too.

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