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Ok, for one Hi everyone and please help!!!
I have a 1988 mercury cougar v6 engine... up until now I have never had a problem.... about a month ago I did a complete tune up , after that it was down hill... the engine starting to knock.. I check the oil periodically, I put Marvel Mystery oil in, this is where my troubles began .. as I am at a light my oil light comes on and continues to blink sparatically, the engine is getting louder .. I know the lifters need to be done .. But when my oil is checked the level is FINE... what could be causing the light to go on an off ? My check engine light is coming on then shuts off when car gets hot ... what could this mean ??? thanks heeeeelp!!!
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If the oil level is correct and it's clean, the problem may be oil pressure.

Rent an oil pressure gauge and measure what the actual oil pressure is. If it's acceptable, then the oil pressure switch is bad, replace it.

If the pressure is below spec, there is internal failure (rod knock, etc). Rebuild time

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