Lumina won,t start


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Lumina won,t start

My girlfriends 90 Lumina (car) 3.1 eurosport has given us trouble ever time it gets about 10 below zero.We have replaced the computer starter ,alternator, cables, battery over time,The car has 75,000.
miles . The problem is All the lights and bells work there seems to be power at the battery but no click at the starter now seems simple right!wrong .I have found the dome light on it several times it just comes on all by it self is there a way to track this down without to much trouble? this problem is intermittent .will removing the fuse for the domelighthelp?
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Wow! A '90 with 75k miles? Not bad.

If it's just a matter of your battery being killed by the dome light, then yes.. it will help to remove the fuse.
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Are you saying that when you find the dome light on it won't start? You could pull out just the dome light bulb and see if this cures your problem. If it does than your problem is most likely the door jamb switch/s that control the dome light or maybe a headlight or dash light dimmer switch thats making contact when it shouldnt. When it wont start check the battery voltage. even though you say you have replaced the battery you might want to have it load tested to make sure its ok.
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battery lumina euro 3.1

I do appreciate the support usually the battery reading is 12.5 the alt reading is 14.6.You know the parking lights switch does stick and the dimmer is a slide .Maybe a new switch is in order.
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I agree with these folks.

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