1996 Dodge Dakota NO HEAT


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J. Lacker
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1996 Dodge Dakota NO HEAT

HELP! I have changed water pump and thermostat.
Water circulates, no leaks. Dash switch/fan works -
blowing "COLD" air only. What next?
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Wrong area.


I think it would be best to ask this question in the Auto part of this forums...

Otherwise, We can help you with your home heating and A/C system..

Sorry couldn't help you at this time...
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hot water

You have to bleed it out like a boiler. You have an air pocket in it . Had a dodge that would do that to me. Park it on a hill sometimes that gets it out .Sometimes also pull one of the heater hoses off while you fill it ED

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I agree on the bleeding. I have a Buick LeSabre that had the same problem after changing all the hoses and the heater core.
What I did was leave the rad cap off and let the car warm up, turn the heater to full hot and then reved the engine up... it worked and heat started. you might have to do it a couple times.
Also.... I have heard that people have gotten the wrong water pump... it spins the wrong way.. and does not pump... but your engine would overheat if that was the case.

--just my 2 cents
Good luck with it.
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Likely an air pocket. Warm up the truck. Feel both heater hoses going to the firewall. If both are hot, it's a blend door problem inside the vehicle.

If both are not hot, cooling system issue. Let us know what you find.
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