'98 Pontiac Grand Am Daytime Lights


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'98 Pontiac Grand Am Daytime Lights

How can I (completely) disable the daytime running lights for this vehicle? These are the ones that are enabled/disabled during starting by using the emergency brake. But when the car is running, they want to stay on all the time. This seems to me to be a drain on the electrical & charging system that offers very little in the way of safety in return (no safety lectures needed please).

On the electrical schematic, I see that there is an "auto light control relay". I'm guessing this might be the heart of this system. If so, then it should be possible to bypass or disable it in some way. Can some one tell me where it's located in the vehicle? And if you know, please tell me how to do it.

Your help will be very much appreciated.

Best regards, Dick
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I do not suggest you start playing around in the electrical system of a modern vehicle like that . You have to know what you're putzing around with in there. There might be disable kits available from GM for certain applications, any dealer should be able to tell you.

It may also be illegal to disable them on a car so equipped originally. Leave it alone as is. It will not drain the system or ruin it in any way.
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Here's my 2 cents.
Here's an interesting article on DRL's. I don't like them either. Just another ploy to support the lighting aftermarket and for the major auto manufacturers and our government to tell you how safe they are making it for everyone. My father taught me how to pull the headlight switch out to the "ON" position when he taught me how to drive and repair cars. Most state laws require lights on at sunset and off at sunrise...again another law that is not enforced so we need to make a fix...DRL's to the rescue. Think about the logic...if I cant see a car on the highway during the day than I shouldnt be driving! Now with the same idea that lights on save all these lives than we shouldnt have any accidents at night...everbody has their lights on! Let's not forget that when the bulbs burn out nobody replaces them anyway-just like headlights. So now we have a vehicle with 1 DRL working that looks like a motorcycle coming down the highway! Duh? Nothing like paying for DRL's and Air bags as STANDARD Safety equipment that is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt(especially GM) to reduce injuries substantially and then having the same manufacturers come out with disable procedures and kits for the SAME "Must Have" Safety features! Police cars are allowed to have DRL disabled and as mentioned in the article, the MP's at military bases get highly disturbed when they cant see who is driving up to the gate! As a fledgling I was counseled several times at the guard shack about accidently leaving my headlights on. We keep on paying no matter what!


Service Bulletin for GM Trucks
99-08-42-007A MAY 00 Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) - Disable Procedures
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Thanks for the replies.

Stevo2: Thanks - I had already found the website you suggested. Lots of good stuff there. Have also found several GMC enthusiasts web sites that tell you several different ways how to do it - although some of them are very questionable.

The ironic thing about this is that GM designed that car so DRL can be easily disabled using TachII. They just shut it off in the computer. Catch is, dealers were told not to do it for other than military or police - liabilty concerns I presume. But they also designed the same cars in the years before & after with no DRL's. Go figure????

Best regards, Dick
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It may be illegal to do it, Dick. It's really not worth a ticket in such case.

My .02

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