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Question Stalling

I have a 1993 Nissan Maxima, I believe it's a GXE model. It has 95,500 miles. I have purchased in the past those engine cleaners and carburator cleaners that are poured into your fuel tank. I did this believing it might help with performance or gas mileage. I have done this twice when my tank was half full. Once I placed the liquid in there I filled up the tank with gas. This is what I'm not sure of.... When my gas tank gets back down to the level at which I placed the cleaner liquid in the engine it stalls. It takes me several tries to get the car started and even after that it might stall again. The battery was checked, no problem, filters checked no problem. That's why I assume it's the engine cleaners. The thing is the two times it stalled it was also raining, so it could possibly be that but no water has been found leaking on the alternator, so possibly not the problem since I've also driven in the rain with no problems when the engine cleaner liquid wasn't in the tank. So is it the liquid, which is what I assume or possibly something else? And if it is the liquids, I'm pretty that's not norrnal for the car to stall, so what might be the problem that my car can't handle these cleaners. I've put this month drygas in the tank and I'll see if it stalls with that also when the tank gets to half. Also on another topic I use Regular Unleaded fuel, is this the fuel I am suppose to use in my car? Could that also be part of the problem? Sorry email is so long.
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You need to test the fuel pressure when it wont start. Sounds like your fuel pump may be on its way out or the strainer/sock on the pump may be partially plugged. Have you actually replaced the INLINE fuel filter? After running any kind of cleaner through the tank the crud, if any, has to go somewhere and the fliter is where it goes first.
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I agree with Stevo. Most times, there is no need to run any goo in a can on a fuel injected car. If you keep your system clean and tank full, there's no problems.
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Thanks for your reply, I'll have a mechanic check those parts out. I've begun hearing a sound from the back of my car when I'm driving, sounds like air escaping, it might be something else. It's pretty loud. Any ideas what this might be and is it related to the stalling problem?
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Vacuum leak, defective gas cap, bad fuel pump, could be anything.
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Just a little of "tid-bit" of info, which may or may not have anything to do with your problem...
My '91 maxima had stalled on my wife 3 different occasions a couple of years ago. Each time it stalled, it was snowing. It turned out that the car had a crack in the distributor cap, where the coil wire attaches to the cap. Gave the car a basic tune-up (cap, rotor, wires, plugs, filters and so on) and problem resolved.
Like, I said, probably, nothing to do with your problem, but what the hay, maybe a coincidence since your car stalled when it was raining.

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