87 E-150 Shift Problem


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Question 87 E-150 Shift Problem

Yesterday (Monday) my 6 cylinder (4.9L) automatic 87 Ford E-150 van with 89,000 miles started taking a long time to shift into higher ranges. It doesn't feel like it's slipping, and there's no odd noises, it just takes noticably longer to shift. The transmission fluid is full, and there's no discolor or evidence of burning on the dipstick; it's that normal red color. There are no codes on the Star tester I have. It's also been unusually cold - low single digits and well below 0 with wind chill, but I think that it's had plenty of time to warm up and reach operating temperature. My van was fine on a trip just this Sunday, and this problem just started happening yesterday. What should I be checking and looking for?
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If it has a modulator valve that could be an area to check.Also make sure your tv(transmission valve) cable is attached to your engine,it would control the shift points.
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I agree with Fordtech.

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