reverse pride


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reverse pride

Anybody else out there get a blast out of driving the oldest
tank on the road going to work in the dark and cold?
My 90 Camry is only beginning to get the recognition it deserves,
especially from a guy in an 84 K- wagon. Also worthy of notice is a
nice Impala, some light rust no dents. Chrome bumpers, so it's old.....

I figure the rules dictate it must be a pre-90, and a pre-80
rates at least a thumbs-up or forming up with it in a convoy of
tried & true beasties out there competing with the sissies in their
commuter- box Hyundai Accents and Kias
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Sure Do!!!!!!!!! We had a temperature one day last week of minus 5 degrees with a windchill of minus 18 and my 1979 ford truck still started and pured like a kitten.I know of a lot of the newer models that wouldn't even crank,much less run!!
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Definitely. My 1984 Oldsmobile is a warrior. It passes the NYS dyno with flying colors---even the 1998 Grand Am in front of me failed---I flew through on the first try with numbers that would rival what the Grand Am SHOULD have put out. LOL.

I always get looks and stares driving my 1979 and 1980 Trans Ams, as well as getting stares in my 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88. You just don't see that many of those large GM cars.

I agree with Fordtech. I pass many newer cars stuck on the side of the road all the time! .
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Anyone still driving the old GM unibody (Nova, Ventura 2) cars should take the greatest pride along with anyone driving the '81 Monte Carlo with the 267(?) ci engine. Keeping any of these roadworthy shows the greatest mechanical repair skills!
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Actually those are not "unibody" in the true sense. They are body on "stubframe".

In essence, the F body I own shares the same set up. So I'm driving two of them .

Yes, the 81 Monte Carlo had a 4.4 liter vin J engine. It is the 305 V8 Chevy's little brother. It was used through 1982. I had a 229 vin K V6 in the 1981 Monte Carlo I had. No problems.
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Old iron rules!

Had a '77 monte carlo....longest hood ever on any American vehicle ever produced. Black, Rally wheels, white-letter cooper ' ride!

Had a '75 camaro 350ci....never finished restoring it before I sold it to a guy named "gator" that couldn't live without it.

'75 chevy custom deluxe with the 250ci straight six with the integrated head. Over 300, 000 miles on that one when I traded it in. Nothing ever got hooked to the bumper that this thing couldn't move. It was slow as a herd of turtles, but could drag a mountain.

Still own a 1985 chevy custom deluxe. I may never part with it. I stuck a fresh engine in it a couple of years ago. The old engine tossed a timing chain after more than 200,000 miles. I replaced the chain but some of the metal from the sprocket got in a rod bearing and spun it. I dropped the pan and replaced the bearing, cleaned the crank journal with sandpaper, stuck it back together. I drove it for 2 years after that, without an air filter or housing the WHOLE time. I didn't expect the engine to last long...just long enough to get a replacement built up, so I just left it off. I finally replaced the engine when it started having a lot of blowby. (Gee...wonder why, lol!)

How many of these new cars could measure up to that?

It is a bittersweet end to old iron...the brute muscle and weight were fun, but new vehicles are generally much more efficient and clean, and that's the direction we need to take. (the population as a whole).
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1972 Pontiac GrandVille 455ci owned it since new. 120K, only thing off the engine has been the valve covers and timing chain, alternator, still has the original headlamp bulbs. TH400 has only had the fluid and filter changed as specified-never had a problem with it. Never failed emissions and flies down the highway!
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Old iron rules. When I bought my old Sears snowblower from a guy last week, I was convinced even more of that. It runs strong .

The thing is older than I am .

Stevo: That's Pontiac for you. Just get in and run it. Do TLC and the basics and it will be the reliable soldier it was engineered to be
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The older the better---my pops newest car is a 73 celica

I love beating the snot out of 90% of all newer cars with my now "archaic" 86 mustang gt that has almost 200 without any engine work at all.

I would love to drive my 94 tbird straight into a snowplow. Old in this case is not good.
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I miss my 77 chevelle, not much of a performer. But started everytime, and built like a tank. Must of had a magnet in the rear bumper. Someone was always running into the rear. I'd get out and wipe of the bumper off, usually never even hurt the rubber insert on the bumper. The vehicle that hit it never look very good.

My 71 Elcamino or 73 GT Torino never let me down either.

I really miss the days when my 68 chevelle was my daily driver.
I owned it for about 17 years now.
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Reverse pride

I quite agree, - living in Sweden, where winter temps can be really uncomfortable, I have one sure way of getting to work - pulling out my '74 Dodge Dart 318 .

I even use it for starting my neighbours fine new BMWs, Volvos (strange, being a Swedish car?), you name it, those new, complicated, overcomputed, anti-polluted cars "are what they are, but it ain't what it used to be!!".

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Lol. Good one BigDane.

Simplicity rules.
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