Knock in Both Front Wheel Wells


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Knock in Both Front Wheel Wells

I own a 1988 Mazda 626 4 cylinder, and it has a knocking or clucking noise in the front wheel wells when I turn either right or left. The car drives fine at both slow & high speeds, and doesn't seem to have any other problems other than the noise. I live in MA, where we've been experiencing below zero weather, and have noticed in the last week that the noise has seemingly gotten louder. Any ideas?!
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That noise is when the drive shaft couplings are getting old and worn - unfortunately, there's not much do to except replace either the couplings (joints) or the complete drive shafts.

Don't drive with this condition for too, long, it has happened that a joint has severed, causing the drive shaft to flail - causing not only severe damage to the car, but also personal injury. If you are lucky, the drive shafts / joints can be bought at your local parts store - the original ones are probably expensive.

Good luck (and get them replaced)

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Unhappy sounds like cv shafts to me

i work as an automotive mechanic in a shop in nebraska and i find that when a constant velosity joint is going bad it makes that clunking type noise you describe . the shafts are relitively easily replaced and are also less expensive than just replaceing the cv joints themselves. they do pose a safety hazard to the vehical if they break so i recomend that you get them checked out soon!!!! when i replace a cv joint i recomend to my customer to replace the complete shft with a remanufactured unit because they will get 2 new joints and cv boots that are already installed on a shaft ready for instlation in the vehical, which usualy takes about an hour or two to complete.
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Same thing?

Is a drive shaft coupling & cv joints the same thing? How much $$ are we talking to get it replaced professionally? Thanks guys!
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You should go with two rebuilt axles. Prices vary from 75 bucks on up depending on the application.

Yes, it sounds like bad CV joints.

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