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new car "break in" & oil type

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01-30-03, 10:55 AM   #1  
new car "break in" & oil type

'03 Mazda6s; V-6(3.0L) w/ auto trans.
The owners manual says to not drive at a steady rpm for the first 500 miles, but does not say anything about changing the oil after 500 miles. I asked the sales rep. and he said, "no, you dont have to change the oil until 7,000 miles".
First off, I always change conventonal oils between 3000 to 4000 miles and "full synthedic" oils betwen 5000 to 7000 miles.

Question #1- Should I change the oil after the first 500 miles?
Question #2- Am I changing the oils too often?

Yes, Joe, I WAS one of those readers that is very religious about engine oil changes and blow off the tranny oil changes. But, after reading this forum for some time now, am now very religious on keeping fresh oil in everything.LOL. This site is awesome, by the way...
The 91 maxima (I had for 8 yrs) had 60K miles on it when I bought it and I went right to the "full synthedic" valvoline 5w-30 (in the winter; 10w-30 n the summer) and never went with anything else. Its now got 175K and still runs great with no oil usage. (I'm coming up on my 3rd question, bare with me). I was told not to use synthedic oil until the car has been broken in and allowing some carbon build-up to occur (around 20k to 40k miles), otherwise using synthedic oils too early in the engine's life will cause oil leaks.

Question #4-Is that a true statement?

And, for my 5th and final question- The owners manual for the Mazda, along with a decal on the engine oil cap states to use: 5W-20 oil. What ever happened to using 5w-30 in the winter and 10w-30 in the summer?

Thanks again for the response(s). This site has educated me more than once!!


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01-30-03, 01:06 PM   #2  
Short and simple: Follow the owner's manual for severe service (3k for oil and filter changes) and use the grade they recommend.

In order to meet enhanced fuel economy standards, oils like 5W20 are becoming commonplace. Engines today do not need heavy oil to protect well in most cases.

There is zero benefit to using synthetic in this vehicle at any point in its life when you compare the cost of the oil to what you will gain. It is neither a collector car, performance car or something that is worth keeping/rebuilding/restoring beyond its usable life. Do regular TLC and upkeep on all fluids and filters and it should run trouble free for a very long time.

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