air conditioning compressor?


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air conditioning compressor?

Dodge van, 318, auto, 1985. The air conditioning compressor has started sounding off, sounds like a bearing, the air still works and is blowing cold. Iīm in Mexico. What special tools, equipment does it take to change the compressor? If thatīs the problem? I brought it to a shop and they said it was the compressor but they do mostly refrigerators. I want to have it done right. Does it sound like the compressor is shot and can I run it the way it is without hurting anything else until I return to the stats in March. I am mostly stationary and donīt use the van much. Thanks
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does it only make noise when you are using the a/c if so you can probably wait to get it fixed but i wouldnt be using the a/c any till then and would probably be a good idea to unhook the electrical connector going to the a/c comressor so it doesnt come on,
if its making noise all the time and the drive belt for the a/c compressor doesnt drive anything else important you can always remove the belt and fix it when you get back to the states, both thes options leave you with no a/c though and it is likely warm there.
more than likely the a/c system will need flushed, drier, expansion valve and compressor will have to be changed to fix properly and it may be considerbly cheaper to fix there than here in the states due to it being an r-12 system and r-12 is expensive here, might be worth checking into anyway.
it really isnt a do it yourself repair you need some expensive equipment just to work on a/c and you cant even buy r-12 freon unless you are certified in recovery and recycling of r-12 in the states.
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I agree with BeJay.
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