93 cutlass supreme rough idle


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Unhappy 93 cutlass supreme rough idle

hello everyone,
here's a new question. I replaced the intake gasket on my olds 3.1 and some new problems arose after reassembling. it doesnt seem to run the same as it did before i took it apart. are there any torque specs on the intake bolts, and is there any adjustments needed to be made to the rocker arms, because in order to replace the intake gasket you have to remove 6 push rods. the reason i'm asking is because, i retrieved the codes and troubleshot all parts and they seem fine, the codes are
22- tps voltage low
33- map sensor high voltage, low vacuum
35- idle speed control circuit
43- Knock sensor circuit

Now I took all parts to my local autozone and they checked
them out and said they were all good. what should be my next step? other parts such as

Crank sensor?
cam sensor?
coil pack?
or anything else you may think of
Please let me know asap

Thanks again Al
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Check your work, I think you messed up on reassembly and have a vacuum leak.

Torque specs and R&R procedures: Autolibrary.org below in my signature file.
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Probably just need to take to dealer or somebody with a Tech 1 scanner to do an idle relearn to reset minimum idle. Otherwise, it will hunt for what seems like forever before it comes out of it. Sometimes they will not find their own idle and need to be reset. Did you replace the oil pump drive o-ring while you were in there?

Rocker arms are in the 45ft-lb range, lower intake bolts sould be 10 ft lbs with pipe seal compound (to prevent oilwicking), upper intake bolts 8 ft-lbs with locktite.
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Hello everyone,
I found the problem at the advice of Joe F, No it wasn't a vacuum leak, but after a riggerous search,(tearing the engine apart again),and retracing my steps, I found the mistake I made.
It seems that after replacing the intake gasket and the pushrods,
that one pushrod wasn't seated properly and after reassembly, and starting the engine it threw the #3 exhaust valve pushrod and bent it at a 90 degree angle. Therefore causing to much compression in the #3 cylinder untill enough pressure built up to force the valve open to release compression, which inturn caused the engine run rough. Luckily it caused no damage to the pistion or to the valve, valve spring or to the rocker assembly. Time will tell on all accounts including the lower end, ( connecting rod and pins ).

I would like to personally like to thank you for all that you do and on your own time. It's people like you that make this world seem a little more tollerable, and your advice, though free, is priceless to me and everyone else I'm sure. So thanks again, and may God bless you and your family.
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I may be wrong, but I think the length of the intake & exhaust pushrods have different lengths.
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YOU ARE CORRECT ON THAT PART( NO PUN INTENDED) there is about an inch difference (not exact) but close thanks for the concern but its all better now although I'm still getting one code 43 and according to the online chiltons manual its the knock sensor circuit, but according to Autozone it's the electronic spark control( what that is I havn't a clue lol )
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You're welcome and glad it helped. The electronic spark control may be in the module circuit or in the vehicle computer---both can be checked.
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Thanks Joe I'll take it to the dealer to have them look at that.
Guess it's better to be safe this time

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