Rear Main Seal


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Rear Main Seal

87 F-150, 109K miles, 38K on rebuilt 302. EFI. Auto Trans. Recently I took it in for an inspection. The guy at Jiffy Lube told me he could not pass it because it was leaking from the rear seal. I've never noticed a leak. I dont drive it very often except for hauling lawn stuff. It's in really great shape. I brought the thing home and crawled up under it. There was oil from where the motor meets the trans and I decided to park it on the side of my house where it's on a hill, facing up (reason being, my driveway is perfectly flat and I've never noticed any oil stains). There is in fact a leak. I've been checking the oil every day (and of course driving the truck) just to see how much is leaking. The oil level is not going down significantly. My question is this, how tough of a job is it? Should I be concerned? The inspection is not due till March, but I was trying to knock it out at the same time I renewed the registration. Any suggestions would surely be appreciated. You guys always give great advise.
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maybe someone from texas will post that knows more about the inspection requirements for your state, but i dont see a small oil leak making the vehicle unsafe which is why most safety inspections are for, i wouldnt be to concerned about it and would try another shop other than jiffy lube to see if it passed inspection.
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Replacing the rear main seal is not a difficult job compared to some vehicles.

The transmission will have to be removed along with the flywheel to gain access to the seal. The toughest part of the job is lowering and raising the tranny. Of course if it is a 4x4, there is that much more weight to content with.

If you have the tools, mechanical ability, repair manual (available on-line) and the folks here at DIY, YOU CAN DO IT!!
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Thanks, the truck actually passed at another inspection station. I'm just a little concerned now since I can actually see the leak. I may give it try this weekend.
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Check for any R&R instructions.
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The oil pans are known to rust through on the tucks/vans. Replace the pan with the seal. It might even be the pan, if so less work.

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