Power Washers


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Power Washers

I like to buy a power washer to wash my car. I don't want to wash off the paint, just the dirt. What PSI should I get or what is the largest PSI can I use on a painted surface?
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None. Wash it by hand. Much better off. There is no need to use a power washer on most vehicles unless they are used commercially at jobsites.
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I agree with Joe_F.
I've got a 13hp Honda powered pw and only tried it on my OWL tires. Nothing beats a hand sponge wash - all film is removed.
When I pw an alum or vinyl sided house, all I really need is a garden hose rinse. I'ts the brush or sponge that removes the bulk of dirt and all film. I'm sure you've been to those 25cent($1)car washes: the film remains.
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I agree with the others....you must rub it/scrub it if you want it clean. To answer your question in case you just want to knock the mud off so you can rub it/scrub it 1500 PSI is all you want and a medium wide tip would be perfect....Mike
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I got one of those 2,600psi deals, takes off paint, undercoating, siding, shutters, shingles, molding, etc. Mostly just use it as a leaf blower, and to blast junk off the drive way into the street. Neighbor borrowed it once to strip an old dresser he had--I did'nt ask!!

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