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Question heater core

I have a 1989 jeep cherokee laredo 4.0. I have no heat, in which i did before i had the radiator replaced. i have replaced the thermostat, heater control valve. but still no heat. just blows cool air. i have been told i have to replace the heater core. i've never done it on this vehicle. how hard is it, and how do i replace it? i bought a new core, but i need to know how to do it....
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i would imagine it would take a while and might suggest having a shop perform this job for you, you can check the link below for r&r procedure but it does not go into great detail.
have you tried having the heater core flushed are you sure all the air is out of the cooling system, are both heater hoses warm to the touch?
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i checked the hoses going to the heater core...no they are not hot. they are cold......what is your suggesttion?
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if neither heater hose is warm with the engine up to temp it is either a circulation problem or air pocket in the system most likely on this model it is an airpocket you can probably install a flush fitting in the heater hose at the highest point and fill the system up through that fitting and bleed excessive air in the system through the fiiting.
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I agree with BeJay.

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