1998 ford contour noise


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Question 1998 ford contour noise

I'm hearing a noise like a dry bearing or whistleing comming from somewhere on or around the 2.0 liter Z-tech engine on my 98 contour. I've taken a stick and listened to the alternater, power steering pump, belt tensioner,water pump and the other pulleys around the front of the motor. including the timing belt idler pulleys and tensoiner without results. I notice if i unhook the vacume hose on the valve cover it goes away for a few minutes!! I put my trusty stick and ear on anything on the rear of the engine and valve cover and all is well there too. When it gets really loud and I turn the engine off is seems to last for a second or two after the engine stops. and it goes away when I speed the engine up. Can some one please tell me WHAT GIVES It dosen't seem to affect how the engine runs but it is irritating and embarrasing . Thanks for your help!!
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sounds like a vacum leak might check the brake booster vacum hose , and intake gaskets, throttle body gaskets etc, you can use carb cleaner to check the gaskets but it is a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy.
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Just a thought, my Merc was making a funny noise for awhile..turned out to be the PCV valve was popped up out f the rubber grommet on the engine. You might want to check your PCV valve, hose and grommet. I have had to replace that grommet several times on my engine.
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I agree with Stevo.
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problem w/98 Contour FOUND

Thanks for the help! It appears that the noise was vacume related. A large hose goes from the valve cover (where a pvc valve should be but isnt) to the air filter. There is a foam biscut (filter) at the air intake box that was pluged with dirt. I cleaned it out and the noise stopped.
Thanks for the help.

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