92 pontiac sunbird speedometer


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Angry 92 pontiac sunbird speedometer

I have been having a mess of problems with this car but the latest problem is the speedometer stopped working. Sometimes it will move up to 10mph and then not work at all. Other times it just doesn't move. I'm not sure if it has to do anything with the electrical system but I really have no idea what makes the speedo work or where to start trying to diagnose the problem. Two questions I suppose, 1) what exactlly makes a speedo work and 2) is it possible that it is just something simple and I just don;t have a clue where to begin. Any help would be appreciated!
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your speedometer is electriclay controlled by the ecm on the vehicle which sends the proper voltage to the speedometer telling it to move, the ecm knows how fast the vehicle is moving from the vehicle speed sensor which is likely your problem, might check codes on your vehicle and see if code 24 comes up which is for the vehicle speed sensor and will usually turn the check engine light on also when no signal is detected from the vehicle speed sensor, the vss is located on the transaxle.
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I'm not sure about your particular car but a lot of them work off a (VSS) Vehicle Speed Sensor that is mounted to the tranny. I have read where some of those will get contaminated with metal particles which screws up the signal or they just go bad...check wiring connector also. Try cleaning the sensor. Could try your local library for a service manual. Maybe someone else on the board has more info on the subject.
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I agree with Stevo.

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