static electricity


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static electricity

have 94 camry, I get a mean shock when ever I exit the vehical.
this is dangerous I know. I will have it checked out but I'd like to know what cause's these "electric shocks besides poor ground connections, corroded cables etc. of which I have none.
what else can cause this ?

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Your clothes....
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its your clothes

He is correct it has nothing to do with your car its what you wear.Static electricty happens in cold weather with low humidity.It is the worst when you wear polyester or nylon things.
Wear cotton.Also you can buy a strap that will ground your car it looks like a rubber strip that you attach to the car and when you stop it grounds the car.
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Use dryer sheets in your clothes dryer

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You can rub new dryer sheets on your upholstery; this may help as well.
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Dont make an ash of yourself

Static do shocking things at a gas bar.

Make sure to touch the car and make yourself the same potential as the car before putting the gas nozzle in the car.
Googleing that will scare you.
Mostly happens to women because the clothes they wear and for some reason they dont touch that car as they exit the car as much as men.
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Almost 7 year old thread everyone......just so's ya know....
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Originally Posted by Gunguy45 View Post
Almost 7 year old thread everyone......just so's ya know....
take note of the link of the guy that started it> I would suggest it is spam posted only for the ability to post the link.
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Lock and load, GG...........................

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