Honda won't start when its cold outside


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Honda won't start when its cold outside

Hi all,
Our 95 Honda Accord LX has stopped starting on freezing or near freezing mornings but starts later when temps warm up. I don't know for sure if its only on wet mornings or not.
I've checked for spark from the coil and have a good strong spark.
I've wondered if we have water or moisture in the gas line or if it could be something else.
It runs fine once it has gotten over 40F outside. Matter of fact, starts first try.
Any ideas and what should I do to get water or moisture out. I tried HEET fuel treatment.
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after viewing script, heres the problem

The 95 Honda Accord LX is only having the problem when the weather is wet outside. After a few weeks of observation the problem is not when its just cold but when its been raining or drizzly. I'm wondering if the problem we've been having with water getting into the car from some unknown leak which leaves water gathered in the drivers side floor well is leaking down and getting some electronics wet or if there is some way the distributor system is getting damp. We've not been having heavy rains only light downfalls. I've been laid off for months now and really can't afford to go to a mechanic if I can trace it myself.
Would a free computer reading like from Autozone be able to find it even if the problem is not occuring at the time. (since I'd have to drive it to them, guess the same goes for a mechanic shop)
Thanks for your help.
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If you're getting water inside the car, sure, there is a chance something electronic is getting wet.

You still don't give us much to go on. When was the last time the vehicle saw any maintenance? Starting problems in cold and damp/wet whether are usually electrical (cap, rotor, wires, etc) related.

Need more to go on to be able to suggest anything. A scan from Autozone won't hurt, but probably won't help this situation.
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Like Joe mentioned Cap and Rotor are the first 2 things that come to mind. they will gat damp and cause erratic spark and no start conditions. Check the condition of the spark plug wires especially the ends that plug into the cap. they can corrode and cause problems. electrical connections to the distrbutor and fuel pump might want to be unplugged, cleaned and a small amount of dielectric grease put on the terminals. When it wont start can you hear the fuel pump run for a couple of seconds when you turn the key on? You might have a sticky fuel pump relay or bad pump...could try a small shot of starting fluid and see if it starts right up. Gas and air filters ok?
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