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Arrow Temperature Gauge

Hi, in a previous post I said my 93' Nissan Maxima had 95,500 miles it actually is a little over 96,000 miles. Sorry about that. Now to my question. My temperature gauge jumps around at times when I drive. It can stay on cold for a long time while driving and then suddenly jump way beyond Hot, then later go to the center. The order of those events changes also. Mechanics changed my thermostat, I have no coolant leaks, I have enough antifreeze in the car, it still happens. They suggested that it might be just a gauge problem and that my engine probably isn't really overheating. So they want one of their electricians to check it out. Could it be just that or are there other possibilities?
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Has anyone checked the connector on the temperature gauge sender on the engine..or replaced the sender?
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Same problem

I have a 94 Taurus with a rebuilt engine (30,000 on it) and it is doing the same thing. It has a new radiator cap, new thermostat, and new radiator. Coolant is pushed to the reservoir but none is pulled back. There are no leaks any where that I can see. I have to manually move the coolant back from the reservoir to the radiator to control the engine temperature otherwise the temperature gauge starts to dance all over the place until it spikes to hot and overheats. Garage thinks it is a leak in the head gasket that has "destroyed the vacuum integrity" and that accounts for no coolant flow back into the radiator as well as "disappearing" coolant that is not leaking out anywhere else. Any help would be appreciated.
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Nissan person: I agree with Stevo.

Ford person: Is your vehicle a 3.0 or a 3.8? If it's a 3.8, it's a notorious gasket blower, so the shop could be right.
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Hi I finally got someone to look at the gauge they told me the whole dash gauge needs to be replaced. They told me it'll cost around $170. Does that sound right for that part, plus $100 labor?
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Sounds about right, if the gauge is the actual problem. Those dash gauges are specific year to model in many cases and can get expensive.

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