Need Help- 4T60E Transmission Problems


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Need Help- 4T60E Transmission Problems

I've got a 1992 Olds 98 with the above transmission. Recently cold weather has set in my part of the country (kansas) and the transmission has been acting up when I start the car after it's been setting and had a chance to completely cool down. The problem is it won't shift out of 1st gear until I get the engine up to appox. 3000 rpm. Then service engine light comes on and sometimes I hear a short grinding noise then the transmission shifts to second. It works fine after that and the service engine light goes off. It does not do this everytime I start the car cold, only sporadically. It did it once or twice last winter as well (Note- it hasn't had this problem when the ambiant air temps are warmer, although it could be a fluke). It has done this a few more times this winter.
The local transmission shop got two codes to show up after investigating. A vehicle speed sensor code and the PRNDL sensor code. They want to replace both and see if it stops the trouble.
Do these sensors sound like they could cause the above problems or could the codes have been set as a result of another problem causing the sensors to appear bad?
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Sure. If you doubt them, get a second opinion. Might be a good time for a fluid and filter change too.
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This trans is all Comp controled and has to see V.S.S. input and PRNDL swicth input to determin when to shift. CLear all codes and test drive vehical. When vehical acts up rescan and check for codes. If no codes Poss intern prob. like lip seal on forward clucth drum not sealing when cold and has to warm up and swell to seal against drum. This is commond porb. on high mileage vehical. ----------Good Luck------Dave-----
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