Door Lock problem?


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Question Door Lock problem?

I own a 1991 Ford F-150 pick-up.I recently started having a problem with the lock on my drivers side door.
When I lock it,it will open fine with the key,providing I don't forget it's locked and try pushing the thumb latch in.Ounce I do,it won't open with the key?something changes,I have go through the other door,and open it from the inside...
What causes it not to open with the key after pushing in the handle first?
Also whats the best way to access this without causing any damadge?Thanks
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Not sure I understand the problem.

Will it always lock/unlock with the key? Vehicle have power locks?

Have you put graphite on all the locks and mechanisms? Taken the door panel off to have a look?
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Question Door lock...

It only open with the key if you don't try to open it by pushing in the door latch first,otherwise the key won't turn and it has to be opened from the other side...
For some reason the key works fine until you lock it and forget its locked and try opening it without the key.Any ideas???
How does this door panel come off,I don't want to damage it.
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It sounds like to me that you are creating a mechanical bind in the lock links and mechanism. You will have to pull the door panel off and trace the linkage and possibly clean and lube all parts. Check the door panel for any problems relating to the lock system. Could be the lock motor/solenoid has a problem also. Remember to use a lubricant that can withstand low temps or it may freeze up on you.

Try this link and see if it helps with the door panel removal.

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