91' Pontiac Sunbird SQUEALING LOUDLY!


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Question 91' Pontiac Sunbird SQUEALING LOUDLY!

My car is a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird LE, 4 cyl. I've had no real problems with the car until last night. As I was leaving my customers house it was pretty cold and moist outside about 32F. As I started the car, it started normally, then a very LOUD squeal started. The engine then died. I started it again and the squeal continued. This car, cold or not has not ever done this, dying or squealing. I've expierenced this with other cars when the belts were moist. I ran the car for a minute thinking the squeal would subside. Instead it continued, then I smelled burning rubber. Turned off the car. Upon inspection, I found that the serpintine belt had a lot of give. Enough that I could twist it around and see the underside groves of the belt. I may be a daddy's girl, but I know that can't be good. The tow guy said the belt was loose or I had bad bearings or probably a seized pully. I have pulled the belt off (no tools required, the belt just slipps off without much pulling) the top 3 pulleys move freely. 1 is the alt. I don't know what the other ones go to. Anyway something is wrong and I need help figuring it out! HELP Please!
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darrell McCoy
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Belt should be pulling the Alt, P/S pump and Water Pump. Sounds like the belt tensioner assembly has gone bad. Does your Alt, P/S pump and waterpump turn freely with out the belt. Check idler tensioner and the bearings.
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I agree with Darrell. Check autolibrary.org below for more ideas as well.
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Hey thanks for the reply! My boyfriend looked at it this morning, and found I could have saved myself $150.00 for the tow last night with the use of a knife! The air conditioner compressor had seized up and it was the V belt squealing! I feel like an idiot! The tensioner seems to be spring loaded, and moves freely while the engine isn't running, but seems to stay where it should when the car is running.

Thanks Again!
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I'd almost bet you had your Defroster on.When reading your post you said it was cold and 32 degrees.The first thought in my mind was the a/c pulley locking up on you.When in defrost mode the computer cycles your a/c compressor on and off.Then i finished reading the post and seen you had figured it out!!
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Talking Thanks!

Thanks everyone for the help is this car matter! I really apperciate the input, looking at the situation from someone elses perspective can be very helpful!

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