Dodge Caravan Puzzler


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Dodge Caravan Puzzler

Bought a used (formerly a rental or leased ) 01' Grand Caravan Sport last year. Have driven it now until it has about 40 k miles , it's my dual duty kid hauler and service van. About 2 weeks ago I noticed the power steering growling like it does when the fluid is low, so I checked the level to find it ok. Belt looked ok too.It would only do it when warmed up. Turn the wheel, you could hear it. So I figure I'll have to drive it that way about a week or so until I can get it in the shop as I am busy. Probably needs a new pump I'm thinking. Towards the end of the week as I am coming home, getting off the highway as I brake on the ramp , I notice a sort of a whump, whump sound and feel it thru the brake pedal. Mostly on the left side it feels like. DAMN brakes I think, 40 k, front wheel drive, probably needs pads.Only does it during fairly strong braking I notice.
Take it in to get the brakes looked at, yes it needs pads, they put them on, turn the rotors. I go on my merry way , BUT I notice the power steering growling thing is gone.And hasn't happened since. Why?
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Thumbs up Ding, ding, ding--we have a bulletin.


You do not tell us the engine size, so I guessed 3.3, but I'm sure this applies to all the Caravan engines:

19-001-02 JAN 02 Power Steering - Moaning/Groaning Sound

That is one of many P/S related bulletins I found on

I suggest you go there and print out all the bulletins on your truck. Then, ask the Chrysler dealer to print them out for you and you'll see what's involved in the fix.

Good luck and let us know.
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Very interesting........
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I would be more inclined to believe that the brake pad replacement and the PS noise disappearing are coincidental. It might be that when the vehicle was rasied off the ground to service the brakes that this caused the noise to dissapear. I think you'll have to wait to see what happens. Maybe the guys that did the brake job tightened the belt?
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Maybe the raising off the ground, on a stretch, but tightening the belt for free and not mentioning it....?
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I'd say coincidence more than anything.

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