91 Camaro Electrical Issues ...


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Unhappy 91 Camaro Electrical Issues ...

First off ...

1991 Chevy Camaro RS, V6 ... everythings factory ...

Power to the car is "surging." The lights, stereo, everything brightens up. The RPM's even increase. The car seems to do this when there are a lot of things running, like the heater, stereo, headlights etc ... but if these are shut off, it doesn't stop. I haven't caught the car doing it when idling, or at any particular speeds/RPMs. No service engine light, I'm lost.

The wires have been checked for frays, splays, knicks, and cuts. The alternator has been replaced. The battery is only a year old, and was checked anyway. The car has never been re-wired, as far as I know, the wiring has never been touched.

Its been a recurring thing with this car. This makes the fourth alternator that has been replaced in four years. This has never happened before, the car always just lost power and died. The alternators lasted almost a year exact a piece. Never has the power surged. The old alternators have been tested, and all have been bad, except this time. When the old alt. was tested, it tested as normal. But we got a new one anyways as a suggestion. The new alternator was tested and was normal, as we bought a bad one from the same parts store chain before.

I'm lost at what the cause is, and I'm lost at what to do here. No one else seems to know what to do either. I've been told voltage regulators to diodes, which I thought were built-in in the alternator, from wiring to the computer itself. I'm lost.
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the voltage regulator is built into the alternater perhaps you got a bad one what brand did you buy?
one other thing you should do is check your battery cables and make sure they are clean and tight and in good condition, not just at the battery but also at that starter and at where the negative cable grounds to the block, also check the main wire that bolts to the back of the alternater for any damage, this wire does have a fusible link that should also be checked , possible locations for this fusible link will be either at starter, power junction block usually located in close proximaty to battery, or at the pos cable end at battery.
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Only use AC Delco rebuilt units on rebuilds---many others are not very good.

Also, do as BeJay suggested.
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it doesn't sound electrical to me, well at least the alternator. I think your problem is in the fuel, air system. You stated that the rpm's increased in conjuction with the power "surges" I'm not familiar with this car but i would look at that system. Possible MAF sensor, MAP sensor, IAC motor. Sorry for the vaugness.
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Have you pulled the error codes off the computer, this may tell you something about how the base engine is running before you blame the alternator. The other thing I would check is the fuel pump pressure and operation, maybe the voltage drop from having all the accessories turned on is causing a marginal pump to start failing?
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I think we need a better description .

Start with my "The Basics" post below.
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Is the stereo factory also. Friend of mine put in a "Big" stereo system in a 91 Fire Bird. Alternator could not keep up with it.
Not sure as I am not up on this, but seems his AMP took a lot of elect.
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