Pickups, extended cab and engine sizes


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Pickups, extended cab and engine sizes

This is not a repair question, so if it's not appropriate the moderator can feel free to delete it with no hard feelings from me.

Does anybody know the differences in back seat room of extended cab pickups for the Chevy/GMC, Dodge, and Ford brands? This would be for a 1995-1999 model year. For some reason I have the impression that the Chevy/GMC pickups have more leg room, but I really don't know that for a fact. I'm talking about the typical extended cab, with or without the 3rd door that opens toward the back, not the crew cab or any other extra large cab. I've never owned anything but a Chevy or Jeep brand pickup, but Iím considering Dodge and Ford now. I've never had anything against Dodge and Ford, just never owned one.

In my search for an extended cab pickup, which has been going on for a while, I've only been considering around a 350 V8 (I'm more familiar with the Chevy/GMC, so I don't know the Dodge and Ford engine sizes). But, since I'm not finding anything (I guess people like them so much that not many people are selling them), I'm considering getting a smaller V8, such as around a 305. I donít need tow anything heavier than 5000lbs (trailer with Jeep CJ-5). But, I do need to be able to pull the Jeep up the hills when heading to the mountains with it. Plus, I like to have passing power when I need it. Has anyone gone from around a 350 to around a 305 and regretted it?
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I can help a little bit. I'm not an expert but I love to play with new trucks that I can't afford.

1) I'm fairly sure that the GM offerings have the largest extended cab selections in general (especially the 1999+), but don't expect a monstrous difference. Make your decision based mainly on the drivetrain choices.

2) Engine choices are as follows, in general. I put in boldface the engines that I'd pick, based on either reviews I've read on them, by friends who have them, or on personal experience. Totally subjective.

FORD-- 4.6L (~270ish CI)
5.4 (330ish CI)--- personal choice of Ford's V8's
5.8 (351 CI)
6.8 (V10 gas)

Dodge--- 4.7 (~280 CI)- only on very new Rams
5.2 (318 CI)
5.7 HEMI (~350 CI) - awesome motor, only 2003
5.9 (360) -- personal choice for Dodge, lots of gas

GM---- 4.8L (~290 CI)--1999+
5.0 (305)
5.4 (~327 CI) --1999+
5.7 (classic 350) up to 1998
6.0 (~360) 1999+

3) If buying a 1995-1998 GM I'd stick to a 350, not a 305. I have TONS AND TONS of friends that almost never tow, and they all have 350's. My bro-in-law has a GMC with a 305 and gets the same basic gas mileage as a 350, and not as much grunt.
----If considering a 1999 GM (and please do!) consider the 5.4L or the 6.0 if you can find it. Both are good towing engines.

4) I have heard many people say AVOID AT ALL COSTS a 1997 Chevy/GMC pickup with an AUTOMATIC b/c they used an "experimental" tranny that sucks. I've heard it more than once, know two guys that have constant problems, and constantly see more 1997 models on the used car lot than any other one. I can't say it's true, but it looks suspicious.

5) If buying Dodge- please, before buying any particular truck, FIND OUT what kind of transmission (get any and all specific numbers and tranny model # etc.....) and do homework. Dodge has earned a reputation for builing spotty trannys. Some last forever, some don't last 30K miles per rebuild. I don't know which ones are the culprits, but I'm sure someone here can point you in that direction. BTW I think the Dodge is simply the most cool looking of the whole lot. Cudos, Dodge.

6) Nearly every Ford I've driven impressed me. The engines, per capita, don't put out the torque or horsies of the Chevy, but the truck simply hauls tail. Even the lil 4.6L has some nice grunt to it. I'm not a Ford fanatic but they make good trucks. If you find a good deal on a 5.4 equipped truck, don't be afraid to buy it.

Hope this helps.
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Mako gave you some excellent advice.

My personal choice is GM vehicles---they are not the world's largest carmaker for nothing .

You can go various truck newsgroups, boards, review sites and the like and see what people have to say on the 305. Most 305's are a bit on the gutless side for power and you may use more fuel with an underpowered 305 if you haul or put a load on the motor than a 350.
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