mustang engine swap


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mustang engine swap

I am interested in hearing from any one that knows anything about doing 4cyl to 8cyl engine swaps in 80's mustangs. Any tips, suggestions, and comments are needed.
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Best tip: Pitch the 4 cylinder and buy an 8 cylinder one that came originally that way or one with a blown 8 cylinder where you can just change the engine or modify it.

4 cylinder Mustangs of the 80's are light duty and lack the running gear to be effectively backedup by a 302. It will also cost you more in the long run to cobble together 8 cylinder parts into a 4 cylinder. You can buy a mint 8 cylinder one with all the goodies already done for less money.

The 8 cylinder Mustang of this vintage is as common as dog poo and can be found anywhere for a reasonable price.
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mustang engine swap

You are very correct. The only problem is that I paid $250.00 for this car and drove it home. The seats do not have a hole or tear in them and the cracked dash can be replaced.
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But it lacks:

1) The right suspension
2) The right brakes.
3) The right cooling system.
4) The right body parts.
5) The right wiring
6) The right computer hardware

etc, etc, etc, etc. Factor all that in and for the same price you can buy a ready to go V8 or one to rebuild with a blown engine and a clean body. There are literally tons of them out there.
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Joe is right on this.

I have found decent running 5.0 v8 mustangs from 86-93 for a thousand bucks or less running. I understand that you only paid $250 for the car, but here is a layout of what it will cost. Engine/tranny combo=$750 easy for a good running engine/ tranny, at least another $200 for the rear end, and probably the same for the wiring harness and computer.

If you are ademently set on this, it is a VERY common swap, done quite frequently by die hard stangers. You will be best picking up a complete donor car from a wrecked 5.0 car. I see them all the time for $500. Just swap over everything. I do mean everything.

-Both the engine and trans will be needed from a v8
-you will need the wiring harness AND computer from the v8
-You will need the rear end and driveshaft, and complete exhaust from the v8
-The v8 suspension is 100% different, the v8's have heavy duty springs/shocks and sway bars that will need to be swapped over
-you will also need a bigger radiator and bigger tires

If you are very handy, and real good with cars, this can be a fun project, but if you just want a cheap 5.0 mustang, trust me, get one with it in it already, or you are gonna turn this into a basket case that will wind up in the junkyard, better to sell the car to some one who needs it bad for transportation.

Good luck, and check out message forums for more info.
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