cause for timing belt problem??


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cause for timing belt problem??

hello, i have a renauly laguna 2.2 diesel. she has recently slipped a timming belt and as it is probaply going to cause considerable damage i was hoping that someine could tell me what would cause her to slip and timming belt. hopefully somone can help me as i really want to get to the bottom of this problem! thanks..

alastair crown
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This question/problem was already asked and answered by me. I'm not sure we can tell you as once again, we do not get that vehicle here in the States.

If the timing belt slipped, it may have ruined the engine due to bent valves. Only a service manual or timing belt replacement guide will tell if the engine is of the interference (valve damage) type or not. I suggest you get a manual if you are going to stick with this thing.

Timing belts could slip because they break, get soaked with coolant, or the pulleys they ride on seize or go bad. Lots of possible causes.

We do not get that machine here in the States---Renault bailed out of here in the 1980's after Chrysler pulled the plug on them here shortly after taking them over in 1987. Very poor quality products that came here.
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