Ford F-150 Starter?


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Question Ford F-150 Starter?

I own a 1991 Ford F-150 Pick-up with the 302 motor and auto transmission.
It has 178,000 miles on it,but its kept in good cond.
Today I went to start it,and the starter wouldn't shut off,even if I took the keys out?It just kept cranking,even if the motor was running.It almost killed the battery.I finally fooled around,and got it to stop cranking.(note: it was about 20 deg out)
It now acts fine?Is this a sign the starter is going?will it do it again?
I believe its the original starter.Iam pretty handy,whats involved in replacing this myself?Is it fairly easy?
Also is there anything I can do if it does it again?Thanks
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I would try replacing the starter solenoid first.
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Agreed. Most Fords have fender mounted solenoids---common failure item.
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Replace the starter....I have a '95 F150 w/ 302 that did this exact same thing. Yes, the starter will continue to do this again and again. Chances are your vehicle has a starter mounted solenoid. I found the problem to be with the bendix of the starter itself and nothing to do with the solenoid. Easy and inexpensive for this model vehicle. Go to:

This will show and tell you what is involved in R&R. Good Luck.
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This maybe a long shot suggestion, but years ago I had a 1971 Ford Maverick with exact same starter problem, after replacing starter solenoid, thinking that would correct problem, just a few days later, again I had to remove battery cable to stop starter motor, even with ignition key removed, it would contuine to run/crank engine. looking on steering columm there was the ignition switch several inches below steering columm key lock ,which had a small metal push rod connecting them together,replaced ignition switch [not the key switch] part ,and I never had any more problem. Note: I noticed the old switch had a crack in it [ plastic housing material ],so I took it apart and inside it was like a little maze with little ball bearings to make all the connections, and sometimes they would stick together because of the crack and just plain being worn out. Your truck may have same type switch, but not sure, I looked in my Chiltons manual and looks like it does,switch will have a long type modular plug on top of it. Good luck with your repairs. Russ
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