1994 Toyota pickup maintenance questions


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1994 Toyota pickup maintenance questions

Great info in this forum! I've found a number of useful answers in here.

But now I have a question looking for an answer. Or a few questions. Anyway, here goes:

I have a 1994 extended cab Toyota pickup, 2WD, standard transmission, 22R-E 4 cylinder engine with 108k miles on it.
I bought it used with 43k, maintenance up until last week had consisted of regular oil changes, filter changes, and a thermostat replacement.

I took it in for the state inspection this month and the mechanic recommended ~$400 worth of work on it, plus 2 tires & an alignment.

Based on those recommendations, last weekend I did some maintenance:

Flushed the cooling system (fluid looked like coffee with cream), replaced the bottom hoses (the top hose from AutoZone wasn't the right shape), and the thermostat (which had several holes in it so it _really_ needed replacing.

Replaced the rotor, distributor cap, and sparkplugs.

Replaced the valve cover gasket and pcv valve due to the oil that had been leaking on the engine. (Shaking the old valve after removal indicated it wasn't working right.)

I'm planning on flushing the brake system, and finding a top radiator hose that will work in the near future. And washing the engine off.

Now for the questions:
There is occasionally a "grinding-like" sound under the hood that makes me think it's the power steering pump. I suppose it could be the water pump or something, but it does sound like a pump to me. The power steering fluid level is ok. How can I (dis)prove that the power steering pump is the problem?

Since the work I did last weekend, the truck idles much lower than it did before-hand; to the point of _almost_ dying, and making the truck "shudder" a bit. Is this an indication of a problem, something done wrong, or just something that needs to be adjusted? The tachometer shows <=500RPM, and I have noticed once or twice it sitting at 0RPM while idling. (Now _that_ would make for great gas milage! ) In the past, I've seen it bounce a little.... Hmmm, maybe that's another question?

Thoughts, info & ideas welcome!


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Try disconnecting the P/S belt and see if that isolates the noise or not. If so, you have your answer.

As for the idle problem, sounds like a vacuum leak or a line was left off or knocked off during the tune up.
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Thanks Joe_F.

I finally got a chance to look at it today. The weather is beautiful, the sun is out, there is a nice breeze...
but the engine isn't making the noise today. I guess it likes the weather as much as I do. So, I guess I'll have to try again next time the temp drops.

I haven't looked into tracking the vacuum leak possibility yet.

Thanks again for your time,


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