interior lights wont go out


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interior lights wont go out

Noticed the lights on in wife's car. Checked all four doors (couldn't find a switch) and all appeared firmly closed, yet the door ajar light on the dash is on when car is started. Had to remove a relay to save battery. Would you folks know what to look for / how the doors are reported open? Thanks..
ooops.. guess I should tell ya it is a 94 Sable. thnks again
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YEAR? MAKE? MODEL? MILEAGE? would be helpful.

-from the limited info given......sounds like a bad door pin switch, either worn out, corroded or messed up by ice and salt, depending where you live.
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thanks... but, I did not see a switch on the door post or on hinge side. It was dark, but ...
Car is a 94 Mercury Sable, about 42k on it, and yep, there's plenty of snow,ice,salt, etc...
There appeared to be some cylindrical something or other on the hinges, could that be the location of some sort of switch ?
When you say "door pin", that sounds like what I've looked for, but I just don't see it. "It" being the small piece of metal that you can push your foot on to keep the door open buzzer shut up when you're sitting with the door open on every car I've had except this one .
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the door ajar switch is gone bad.the switch is inside the door panel .the switch dont cost much but,the labor is high to fix the problem.
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call me an idiot the car is a "1997" not 94 --
you guys still say the switch is in the door panel ?
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Yes, that should still be the case. Check below for some ideas.
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As stated the door adjar swithes on anything newer then a 1996 are attached to the door latch.If you open your door and take a screwdriver and push the bottom latch lever towards the door(doing so like the door striker would do when making contact with the latch)You'll see a small pin type shaped item just below the latch lever,that's your adjar switch( also after doing this pull on your door handle as if opening the car door and this will release the latch so you can close the door).
Sometimes you can spray the area real good with wd40 or some other lubricant and operate the latch and it'll free up the switch.If this doesn't work then you'll have to remove the door panel to gain access for replacing the switch.
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I had the same problem with my '97 F150 about 3 years ago. Spraying silicone lube cleard it up, and it hasn't happened since.

WD40 would work, but I've found that it attracts dirt and dust, and eventually gums the works up so the problem comes back sooner.

That may be due to the environment I'm in, but silicone dries dry and doesn't hold dirt.
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