how to kill the door chime!


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how to kill the door chime!

I can't take it any more!!! Any help on how I can stop the chime that activates everytime I open the door? Not the chime that says the keys are in or that the lights are on. Just that the door is open. I'd love to kill the automatic turning on of the dome lights too, but I suspect that is asking too much.

It is a '94 E-150 Chateau. I use it for my landscaping business and the doors are always open for tools. With the lights I think I'll just remove the bulbs, unless I hear a way to otherwise stop it.

But this door chime has got to go.
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The cheap way around it would be to superglue the plastic door thing shut in the door jam so it thinks the door is always closed, but that will kill your dome light too when the door is open.

Why don't you pull out that actuator in the door jam, and wire in a toggle switch between the two wires connecting it, and stash the toggle someplace hidden. Then you could leave your door open, and just hit your home made toggle switch to kill the ding ding.
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Find the reminder module and pull the plug out . This way you can put it back when you like.
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Take a small steel plate (e.g. 1.5"x.5"), drill a hole near one end and mount it with a sheet metal screw to the door jam, covering the plastic door switch. In case you want the lights (and the beeping) again, just slide the plate off the switch.
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What a great idea! Thank-you Hukre. That steel plate idea sounds like a winner.

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