What do you think I will find?


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What do you think I will find?

I just had a friends 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L, auto trans. w/ 142k miles towed over to my home for repairs.

This is what I know so far (according to the driver when it crapped out): "I was driving down the road at about 45 mph when it started making a clunking sound. The temperature guage was reading hot so I added some antifreeze. It boiled over and the engine died and I couldn't get it to start again."

I inspected the oil, clean w/no signs or odors of fuel or coolant. Coolant level was approximately 1 quart low. I attempted to start the vehicle. It turns over fine and attempts to fire however it will not start....now for the kicker that I have never seen before......
When cranking the engine over, antifreeze literally squirts out from the two center head bolt holes with the head bolts still in place on the exhaust manifold side of the engine.

I have a full time job that prevents me from working on this until maybe tomorrow night. What do you think I will find?
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darrell McCoy
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Head gasket blown and probably cracked head
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1.5 tons of scrap metal.

seriously, "clunking sound" in the same paragraph as "temp guage reading hot" as well as "coolant squirting..." sounds like lunched top and bottom end.

Tell your friend to start looking for a) a rebuilt engine or b) a boat that needs an anchor.
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I agree with these guys. Wasted head and gasket. Depending on vehicle condition as Otter alluded to, the vehicle may not be worth repairing.

2.0 and 2.2 engines are common to have that problem.
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Thank you for confirming my suspicions gentlemen.
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