95 Ford F-150 Knock sensor


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95 Ford F-150 Knock sensor

I would like to know what a knock sensor is ? I have a 95 Ford F150 and My check engine light came on and took it to AutoZone and they checked the code and said it was the knock sensor. They just ask if it could be low on oil or heard any knocking and I told them no, so they just said to unhook battery for about 1 min to reset the codes and just see if it ever comes back on if not don't worry about it. So I would just like to know what the knock sensor is. I check all my fluid levels and my transmission fluid was about 2 quarts low and I filled it back up. Could this have anything to do with knock sensor. If not what would cause it to come on ? Thanks alot
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knock sensor

detects pre-ignition knock/ping (sounds like marbles rattling in a can) which can damage your engine. The powertrain control module uses input from the knock sensor to retard engine ignition system timing to compensate when a knock situation occurs such as operation under heavy load or use of low octane fuel.
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Otter is correct.

Also, a stuffed EGR valve will cause "dieseling" and pinging on coast and such.
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