2000 LeSabre became cold blooded


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2000 LeSabre became cold blooded

My heating/cooling was intermittent from new.
The dealer could not fix it.
A letter to Buick was ignored;
my last Buick!

But now it has become cold blooded:
Until recently, the temp gauge went to 12 o'clock within 3 miles;
heater had to be turned down - too much heat!
Now it takes 5 to 10 miles to get to 10:30.
And 10 to 20 miles for me to get warm feet!

The coolant reservoir is at the full mark.
It does NOT have automatic climate control.
I had the Thermostat replaced and bled.
65,000 miles
Any ideas?

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darrell McCoy
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Did Buick ever replace the thermostat themselves. You may have a bad thermostat again. Not really unusual. Use an O.E.M stat.
Dont condemn buick, could happen to any model. I Replaced one in a 2000 buick with only 15,000 miles. Be sure there is no air pockets in system.
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Buick dealer did little

as I remember...
The only thing the dealer did was recharge the air conditioner.
Which was still inadequate when I left their shop (the third time for the same problem).

I thought the problem was a sensor, since the heater and air conditioner were both intermittent.

I'm 67, and I've never been so disgusted with dealer "service".
The kid at the counter tried to tell me how to turn the heater on. Get real, Buick!
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darrell McCoy
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Since the heat gauge does not register normal, I would have the thermostat changed. As far as the A/C, after 3 chargings, they should have checked for leaks. From what I understand, GM had some problems with compressors leaking. Brother had to have one replaced on his Buick at 30,000 miles.
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If the first dealer couldn't fix your problem, you have an incompetent dealer, not vehicle . A letter to Buick doesn't usually do much, a call demanding to speak to a supervisor usually does .

Whenever I call a company, I am SO persistent that they usually give me what I want to be rid of me. LOL. You have to back yourself up with paperwork and tell them who's boss--the customer, that's you.

I would simply go to another dealer and explain the problem. Tell them that you're not going to stand with incompetency. Bring all your paperwork with you to show what's been done.

I agree with Darrell that you could have a bad stat. Check the resources and links in my signature file below, most notably www.alldata.com for any service bulletins/recalls that might apply to the problem.

If you find any, print out the pages (titles only), go back to the first dealer, ask to speak to the dealership owner and ask him why you can find the problem and his guys cannot. Then ask when you will have a fixed vehicle and what they will do for you .

Good luck and let us know what you find .

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