Overheated Lincoln


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Angry Overheated Lincoln

Hi Everyone,

I have a 1989 Lincoln continental and it is overheating. I took it to a mehcanic and he told me I have a head gasket problem. Basically I should junk the car. The problem was intermitant. The temperature would start to rise pretty high, then eventually the heat would kick in, thus circulation. I have no apparent leaks, however, I am required to fill up the radiator after it cools down. I change the thermostat about 6 months ago. The return hose seem to be under a lot of pressure. The problem is getting worse and I can barely make even short drives. Are these the symptoms if a failing head gasket? The car has 168,000 miles on it and it seems everyone tells me this car has a head gasket problem after 150,000 miles if lucky. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Perhaps it's time to look for a new one? If anyone is familiar w/a 1995 Lincoln Continental, what are it's querks? Is this a reliable year? I am looking to purchase a used vehicle jsut to get me around. Thanks for all your help always everyone!!!
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if it has been diagnosed with a leaking head gasket it can cause severe overheating problems much like you describe, and not to mention is a common problem with the 3.8 l ford engine.
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These 88-94 Continentals are like putting makeup on a pig---nothing more than a gussied up Taurus/Sable in "real design".

Suspension troubles, poor quality, blowing head gaskets, butt ugly styling and general woes have always plagued them. You got your use out of it, heave ho this lead balloon. I wouldn't put the head gasket repairs into it at this point.

As for the 1995 Continental, that is the first year for the new style V8 Continental, and those are lackluster too.

If I was going to replace it with a 1995 era vehicle, it would be a RWD Caddy, Roadmaster or Caprice of that vintage. Plenty of power, room and GM makes nice powertrains.
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Thanks Joe for your response. Hey, you're a fellow Redman! I'm still interested in the 95 Lincoln, besides "lacluster" any known problems with that car? For example, my blown head gasket on the 89-94 modles. Thanks for your input always!
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Lol. A glutton for punishment

Continued suspension problems, oil burning, expensive parts, cheap trim, butt ugly styling, etc.

I know a coworker with that model. I got him an alternator for it, and DISCOUNTED from Ford it was like 150 bucks!

My uncle had one. It's gone now .
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