v8 rx7


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v8 rx7

has anyone here swaped a v8 into a rx7 ? i want to put a 302 in my rx7, the motor is shot. thanks
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I havnt..I have a hard time keeping my stock engines and cars running. You might try the following links.

www.webring.com and type in RX7 for a search OR
www.google.com and do the same.
www.car-part.com for a used engine

I'm sure you will come up with a ton of sites to look at.
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Having worked in a Mazda Dealership garage for many years I can tell you that it's much less work to drop in a reman from Mazda than to do this swap. I have an RX-7 and also faced the 'wiped engine' problem. I also considered using a V-8 that I had but the logistics of it are numerous. The biggest problem with this swap is suspension. The rotary engine design is much lighter and the stock suspension will not support the larger V-8. You will run into more work and $$ trying to make it work than using the original engine. I paid $1900. for one from Mazda (my wife loves her car!) Of course if you already have the engine, I understand where you're coming from. If you still want to do the swap, check out some of the RX-7 web sites. How do you know your engine is shot? Did you run a compression test?
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Agree with all here. Yes, it can be done. It will take a ton of money to do it right and safely. There are numerous sites that cater to that type of thing, so check out what Stevo presented.

Also, it will cost you more in the long haul to do a V8 conversion than to buy an OEM Mazda engine which will restore the car back to OEM specs.

Puttting a V8 in it may not make it as fast as you think. Any stock V8 with any heft under the hood will leave you gawking at taillights at a stop sign and theirs will be 10 times as reliable as any cobbled together conversion .

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