1990 Ford Ranger V6 4.0L engine ticking


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Question 1990 Ford Ranger V6 4.0L engine ticking

2WD Auto w/AC 1990 Ford Ranger V6 4.0L

The engine had been rebuilt when I bought it in 1996. The ticking started a few years later. First only when it was cold and now has become more pronounced and doesn't go away after the engine is warm. I have been told it's probably a sticking lifter. I read through my Chilton's manual and it looks to be a lengthy job to remove the lifters and replace them. It also recommends replacing the camshaft if replacing the lifters. It says they should be replaced (not just cleaned) because it's too long of a procedure to do it twice. I am trying to sell the truck and don't want to put alot of money or time into it. Is there anything I can do to minimize the ticking or remove it without going into the cylider heads? If that is the only way, is this something that should be left to someone with the experience of removing and replacing these parts?
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if you have had someone confirm that it is likely a lifter you may try an oil additive such as rislone on your next oil change to see if it helps, i have used it several times on vehicles with noisey lifters and has helped alot of the time. if you haven't had a mechanic listen to the engine you may want to do so cause it may not be a lifter at all causing the noise. replacing cam and lifters would probably be something you would want a shop to do for you if needed.
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I agree with BeJay
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Well, I ve done a lot of reading this weekend and it seems like the probable cause for the lifter failure (or noise) is lack of lubrication. I would like to flush the system but I am concerned it would only do more damage. I was told the last two times I had my oil changed there was sludge in the mix. If I use the rislone or any other de-sludger, what is the best procedure to follow to minimize any chance of sludge getting by the oil filter and contaminiating even more engine parts. Will the de-sludger get into the samll holes in the valve train at this point and do some good?
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Not sure if Ford markets it, but GM makes a Top Engine cleaner which will cloud the block with smoke, but will clean out the engine. LOL.

Barring that, change the oil and filter every week. Keep flushing it out. Try Marvel mystery oil, it may stop it for a while.

Barring that, will have come apart to be rebuilt.
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