1995 Mercury Mystique


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eric e2
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Angry 1995 Mercury Mystique

I have a 1995 MERCURY MYSTIQUE and posted this a bit of time back what i did was move the car with the jumper cables on the ground and since then the car would not start.

1 not getting fuel
2 not getting spark

fuel is running up to the lines because we pressed with a screw driver the fitting and fuel did piss out
removed the fuel injectors and cleaned them.

removed spark plug and no spark

used starter flued and and started to kick in
filled gas tank

checked fuses the ones you can tell if they are dead say nothing related to the fuel sytem that we did not check

any help would be great i dont want to send it to a shop and dump money into getting it looked at if its not worth it.

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there may be 2 fuse boxes on that car...one under the dash and one under the hood(power distribution box?) Have you looked under the hood for fuses?
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As with last time, start with the posts and links in my signature file below.
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eric e2
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i did check all fuses in the car under the hood and also in side.
i went to the website given and said no info for this car.
I have checked around and i get no answer from them
i have no clue i just now how to fix if i am told the problem
"x auto body man and now a graphic designer"

my concern is the computer is blown but is there more then more
that can go.
every thing still works in the car "radio seats windows" it just wont start

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If you suspect the computer, simply bring it to any parts store that can send it out for testing and they will tell you if it is bad. That will get you started there. Most parts stores can get them tested through their electronics supplier.

Barring that, pulling up a 1995 Mystique on Autolibrary.org below reveals plenty of information.....what is it you want to know?

What does your service manual say about this problem and what diagnostic trees does it provide?
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eric e2
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i have not bought the book yet i was hopping it was some easy fix with out ending up with another book hanging around.
i looked throw the electrical and fuel on the libary and for what iam trying to find out for this problem it just seams not to have that info but i did use it for other things.
the next ? is how much of a pain in the butt is it to get the computer out and is there only 1 because i have taken my bronco dash all apart for a heater core and found out i only had to remove the paper glove box.

thanks again
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Joe's Motto: If the book ain't worth buying, the car ain't worth fixing. The book pays for itself after the first use. If you're going to putz with cars, you need the proper service literature.

Autolibrary should have the basics and where the computer R&R is. Again, I found a decent amount of information on this vehicle in the 2 minutes I spent there.

Can also pull up the Contour for the same year---same heap, different badge .

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