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Question Motor Oil & Filters

I own a 1991 Ford F-150 pick-up (V8 302) with 178,000 miles on it.I change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles.
Has anyone used the Wal-Mart Brand "Super Tech" motor oil (10W-30)?
Is this safe to use in my truck?It's only $10 per case...
Also are the Wal-Mart oil filters any good?
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generally speaking in the automotive world, you get what you pay for. I guess it really depends on how much you love your car, and how much you trust wal-mart when it comes to oil.
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Do an archive search and you'll get LOTS of info on the subject.

We use Sam's Club 10w-30 (same stuff you're talking about) in both of our wreckers (350 Chevy engines). My truck has 336,000 miles on it (approx 200,000 on the block; short block replaced due to a broken harmonic balancer bolt that was fault of wrecker-body company when they did install of equipment upgrade; not an oil-related failure). The newer truck ('99 Isuzu NPR) has 110,000 miles. Both are going strong. We also use their ATF fluid with no problems.

Our service intervals are 3000 miles on oil & filter and 10,000 miles on tranny fluid (filter change every other fluid replacement).

Somewhere in the archives you'll find a link to a web site that does testing on oil filters that is quite interesting. The condensed version is that AC-Delco filters were at the top of the list for quality and performance if I remember correctly. I've generally used Fram filters on my personal vehicles and was surprised that they got fairly low ratings (on the other hand, my wife's '95 Camry has 140,000+ miles of trouble-free operation....).
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Both posts are correct. You'll get opinions as wide as the politics in this country depending on who you ask.

The long and short of it? If you use quality stuff that exceeds the API rating (that's the donut logo) on your vehicle and you change it often (3 months/3,000 miles), any well designed vehicle should go a long time without any oil related failures.

It's more the rigorous service and timeliness more than throwing money and high tech products at the problem. This has been proven time and time again with millions and billions of fleet miles.
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Engine oil with Wal Mart, Sears, etc. labels are what we call in the oil industry "private label" brands. These companies go out for bids to various oil companies to package their oil with the store's label on it. Keep in mind that the person at the store doing the purchasing doesn't know a damn thing about the quality of engine oil. All he does is buy hundreds of items for the store. He just goes by the lowest price. And too, he probably goes out for bids every year or two. So the supplier of the oil may change that often. So you really don't know what kind of crap he's buying (and neither does he!!!)
Remember a couple of years ago about those wonderful Sears Diehard batteries??? Come to find out, they were remanufactured Exide rejects (sometimes not even remanufactured). But the price was right for Sears.
Stay with major oil brands: Texaco, Chevron, Mobil, Amoco, etc and you'll know that you are getting a first class, highest quality engine oil.
That API donut logo isn't any guarantee of highest quality either. Boy, could I tell you something about that!!
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Should have known better than to get this thread going again, LOL.

So is Westland Oil Company a producer/refiner or a buyer/packager of other company's oils?

We'll have to agree to disagree, Dan, as usual. If/when we ever wear out an engine I'll be glad to post mileage and pictures.

Joe Cool - How about we start a new Forum category on POL's and we can all argue back and forth to our hearts' content? [Just kidding; couple of times a year is plenty]
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Remember that most older cars were made to run on a lower standard such as SE or SG and now most oils with the logo are up to SJ by now .

So even with that, you're buying BETTER than what the factory tested it on and ran it with. Even by using "Walmart" in my 79 Trans Am, I'd be using better oil than GM intended in 1979!

I'm with TowGuy. I change my oil often and well in all my vehicles. You could probably take my engines out of my cars and put them on the GM shelf and sell them for NOS parts. LOL. I also do not think Sears or others will take a risk buying TOTAL crap with the hope of getting a labor claim for bad oil .

Dan: Sears batteries were ALSO supplied by Johnson Controls, who supplies----OEM. Depends on the model #. Besides, Delco batteries are far superior in fit and leak propensity anyhow.

I agree to buy good quality stuff, and for the price of the "bargain" oil, most of the major oil companies have their stuff on the shelf at basically the same price after rebate, etc.

But to say, "You should use Castrol over Texaco, or use Mobil over Shell, etc" is bunk in my book. If you change the oil and filter frequently enough based on your real driving (I'm a 3,000/3 month severe believer), there is no real difference in the real world. Millions of fleet miles have proven that . In fact, the factory fill in Nissan vehicles to my knowledge is Citgo, the same oil you can probably buy on sale for 80 cents a quart in most retailers.

Dan: Ariens/Gravely recommends that you only use their gear oil in their snowblowers---but it's API GL5 . That's 80W90, and you can bet Ariens doesn't make their own oil, someone else does for them. Why would Ariens oil be better than say, Wolf's Head or Valvoline?

Not trying to be a smartass, but everyone is buying from everyone now adays .
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Dan Meyer
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I've been in the oil industry for over 38 years and I don't think there is any other subject where there is so much personal opinion and "I already have my mind made up, so don't confuse me with the facts". But I enjoy it.

JoeF : Ariens wants you to use their brand because the profit on it is HUGE for them over what they pay for it. I'm not sure about your comment, but GL5 doesn't designate the grade (80W90), only the KIND of gear oil (I think you know that).

I can't speak for Nissan, but Chrysler, GM and Ford factory fill lubricants are specially formulated. They are not what their oil supplier puts on the shelf.

The Tow Guy: I never heard of Westland Oil Co. but they are not a major. So if they sell engine oil, then they either buy a finished product and put their label on it or they BUY the base oil and additives, blend it, and package it. (Most independent companies don't even do their own packaging but have packagers do it for them.

However, I'll not comment further, after all, I don't want to further confuse you fellows with the facts!!!
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Correct, Ariens wants you to use their oil because they market it. But they do not make it . There is zero benefit to buy something that is the same as something else for half the price. That's my point. If you used GL5/80W90 and that's what's specified, you could use anything from Wolf's Head to Walmart to Kmart. It's all one in the same.

As for oil and such, again, I do not think a major retailer wants an embarrassment by selling poor quality products, be it refrigerators, washing machines, motor oil, battery chargers, filters, etc. I've used all sorts of name brands over the years in my cars from Penzoil, Mobil, Texaco, Sunoco, Sears (which was Sunoco as I recall), Quaker State, etc. I can tell you that you can read every casting # on the rocker arms of my engines .

As for the "facts", again, I'll go back to the Consumer reports study done some years ago. Different brands were used and NO difference was found in all the cabs tested which were serviced the same way. Are there differences? Perhaps. But no oil company has shown the consumer in any kind of real world testing that there is any difference in their product versus another.

Fact is that SJ motor oil, no matter what the brand is likely a better product than the SE, SF and SG oil that preceeded it. If preventative maintenance were prescribed over throwing money and high tech products at the problem, you'd have a lot less failures in the field with oil related problems.

The only battles we have seen fought are synthetic versus nonsynthetic----not brand to brand. Sure, if I drove a ZR1 Corvette, I'd use Mobil 1. The factory believes that Mobil 1 should be used, because this is a high-end engine.

As TowGuy and I have stated, we have many miles logged on our vehicles with no failures. I know plenty of folks with more mileage than I have, with no problems.

Think about it this way: Does a fleet use the highest costing oil (say the City of New York)? No! Why not? There is no real difference for most cars...high end cars? Yes, perhaps, but not for your everyday cars

My 5 quarts .
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I'm thinking about switching to canola oil, Dan; what do you think?:

I'll only buy a name brand like Crisco, of course.........
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I have a 91 Dodge Dakota with the 318 engine and auto trans. I have 235,000 hard miles on it. Plowing snow, hauling firewood-bulldozers-campers, and many, many piles of lumber. I used any oil that was on sale and this things still runs strong. Sometimes I even went as long as 10,000 miles between changes. If I knew that it would last that long I would have taken better care of it. It's a 4 wheel drive and I have only replaced one u-joint on it.

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