1986 ford f150 spark problems


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1986 ford f150 spark problems

Hey guys and gals,
Lets start at the begining, I went to go get gas one morning, and on my way to the station the engine made a popping noise and the engine sounded like it ran out of gas. And thats what I thought had happened, so I added gas to the tank and tried and tried to start it. I also removed the cap on the fuel bar to check for pressure and there was. So, fuel was not the problem, So pulled the #1 plug wire of the plug and placed a spare plug I had in the socket and turned the engine over and had no spark. I then decided to replace the ignition coil and tried it again, still no spark. I went to the next step and decided to change the ignition module, pulled out the the distributor and replaced it with another that I had from my other truck (parts) which ran when I parked it, replaced the cap and rotor and plug wires, (while messing up the firing order) but I promptly fixed the firing order and tried again and had spark on three cylinders but it was very weak. So I thought that it might be a bad connection in the wiring so I looked for the obvious and found two problems.
The first problem I found was the coil mounting bracket was loose and was not making good contact with the block, so I put another nut under the bracket and tightend it down. The second problem I foound was the gray connector on the inner fender near the starter syliniod had alot of corrosion around it and the big yellow wire was worst of all (so bad it was starting to break apart) to the parts truck I go, clip off the new one and replace the old with it, Try it again and no success not sparking right yet. On to the next step remove the distributor and take the module off and go to Autozone and have them check it to see if it is bad.
They tell me that it is so I bought a new one and installed (using the grease provided and cleaning the side of the distributor base to get a good contact) installed the distributor and tried it again. Now the engine has no spark at all not even a little. my next step will be to take out the module and have them check it to be sure that it isnt faulty. So untill then I'm stuck with no spark, any questions, comments or help in this area are greatly appreciated.
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have you cranked the engine over and made sure the rotor is turning all the time and not just skipping every once in a while, such as it might do if the timing chain was slipping, on the cam gear.
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Agree with BeJay. Mileage?
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I'VE GOT IT RUNNING, the problem was in the distributor, the ignition pickup coil inside the distributor was bad, on one distributor that I had the module was bad and on the other distributor the pickup coil was bad and the module was good. I changed the module to the other distributor and put it in and the truck started right up go figure,lol boy what a long ordeal glad its over for now,lol ya know the saying found on road dead or fixed or repaired daily (FORD) OH cant wait to see whats next,lol. should of bought a chevy. thanks for all your input. I'll be talking at you again I'm sure
Thanks again and GOD bless,
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Don't forget the backwards translation:

D-rivers R-eturn O-n F-oot
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tow guy,
Been there done that to many times. Thanks for the funny

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