some one please help me get my 79 242dl volvo runnin agian


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rick sousa
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some one please help me get my 79 242dl volvo runnin agian

anyone out there a volvo guru. i was recomended by two pros that i should replace my faulty external fuel pump and fuel pump regulator or accumulator. i did this and it still wont fire up. i am getting good pressure up to the fuel filter wich tells me that the pump is working properly . i am now suspecting a vacum leak . when i inject the intake man. with starting fluid it of course wants to start breifly . one resource told me twice after his diagnostic that the warm up regulator was bad however that would not cause it not to start with the starting fluid would it ? the car was running great has a great motor with zip . this all stared when one day in 60 degree weather i started it up and it was spuddering and a miss . as i attempted to throttle it feli like it was starving for fuel then died .can anyone help ?
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You're likely dealing with a fuel problem if you shoot fluid in there and it fires. You may have a faulty pressure regulator.

What is the regulated pressure at the fuel rail? What does your service manual say the pressure should be?

I highly recommend you get a Volvo service manual set ($$$$) to guide you as old Volvos can be viscious money pits without the proper information and just throwing parts at the problem. There are ways to test these parts as being bad BEFORE replacing them.
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This is also a very good site with Volvo information:
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I can empathize with you as I have a 1980 242Gl. They can be a nightmare to troubleshoot.
Okay, first thing, you say you have pressure after the external pump? When is the last time you changed the fuel filter?
Do you use dry gas? I had a the same problem at one time and that is where it was traced to. The regulator is very intolerant of foreign articles, including water! Quite possibly you had some water from condensation in your tank and it got sucked up. Put some dry gas in your tank and allow to mix. Then try to restart engine.
If no joy, follow hose to the Bosch fuel pressure regulator. They are usually mounted centerline on the engine, near the firewall. To find it you have to be a bit of a contorsionist! The center hose is the supply hose.Make sure that the hose is not leaking or split. The pressure for a Volvo Bosch reg, I believe, is 90gpm. This is probably where the problem lies. As I said, they are quite intolerant of foreign articles and will easily fail if exposed to them.
Also, as a additional inspection, do you smell gas when you crank? Leave the hood open and watch, or have someone watch, when you crank engine. Do they see spray or smell gas? If line has become porous( it happens) not enough pressure will be maintained for operation. Don't laugh my car was once acting funny on the commute home and seemed to bre using a lot of gas. When I stopped for a stop sigh I smelled gas. Checked and found a suddenly porous (not broken)hose. Thank God I had little traffic on the long highway route home and not the usual stop and go. I probably would have stopped and BOOMED!!!!!!!!
The pressure reg. used to be quite expensive and a real pain to install, so trouble shoot before you buy.
Go to your local public library and look for the Chiltons Book fo Volvo repairs. It exists, I have referenced one in my local library several times.
Another idea,how friendly are you with your local Volvo service department service manager? I have had good luck with conversing with them as some like to see the old ones keep going. Sometimes thay may even know someone who REALLY does know Volvos' Just don't bring the car to them for service, the bill we be more than the car is worth!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck!

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rick sousa
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thanks joe .. you have been very helpful and i will try your troubleshooting ideas .the first tjing that i did was install a new fuel filter joy. i did install a fuel pump and regulator .by the way , regulator/ acummulator, are we talkin the same animal. funny thing though , my original regulator has a port or outlit w/ 1/4" tubing ,looks like probably a vacum hose or somthin and trvels back to the tank . my new (used) regulator doesnt have the port , so i had to plug the hose . even then i am getting good pressure up to the fuel filter . and i did add the dry gas or in this case stp . is s t p the same as dry gas thanks and please reply .....rick
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Have you checked out this site for some info? Also beware of changing any parts that dont fit or look like what you removed, you may cause yourself some headaches.
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Agree with Stevo, but after changing all the parts, you probably would have been half way to buying a Volvo manual which would lead you more to the problem .

I believe that link has some service manual information. It is compiled by a guy in Canada into Volvos and their repair and restoration.

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