93 geo metro running problems


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93 geo metro running problems

1993 Geo Metro LSI
3 cylinder engine
5 speed trans

We had starting problems with this car awhile back. It didn't want to start the way it should, and most often would flood out and we had to pull start it. I put new spark plugs, wires, cap & rotor and had the timing checked. Also put a new map sensor on it. It does start better now, not as good as it should though. Now, as of a couple days ago, it doesn't run quite the way it should. I will explain it as best as I can and hope that someone can shed some light on the problem.

Start out with the car in 1st gear. Get it up to 10 mph and hold the throttle steady. After 5 seconds the car bogs down just like you would turn the key off, but only for about 2 seconds. Then it will get up to speed again for 5 seconds and does it all over again. It does it to a lesser degree when in the other gears, and even somewhat in reverse. For some reason in reverse it will move farther before bogging than in forward.

Is there some type of switch on the tranny that could be bad? Throttle position sensor?

How do you recover the trouble codes on this car. I found a site that had all of the codes listed, and showed a diagram of the diagnostic plug and which two wires to connect to get the codes, but the trouble is that the plug shown in the diagram is not the same one as on the car. Thanks in advance, John
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You have to diagnose this one carefully or you will throw more parts at the problem than the thing will ever be worth .

Start with the links and posts in my signature file below, most notably "The Basics".
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I may be wrong as I confess to no knowledge of the Geo except that is what I usually wind up with as the economy car from some rental companies. LOL!
In a serious vein, it does sound to me like you have a fuel pump problem. I had a similar problem awhile back with a Mazda 626 that drove me bonkers. It was acting randomly and as such it was harder to pin down. I did the same route that you did and finally went for a new pump. I used a Napa pump but that proved unsatisfactory and to their credit they took it back and returned my money. Their engineers were wrong, not enough flow pressure. Beware that non-OEM parts (such as pumps) are made to TRY to work with many models/makes of cars. Go for the OEM on this type of part.
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