ford focus sputtering


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ford focus sputtering

we have a 2001 ford focus, 4 cylinder, and the car has been running weird. it has done this in the past, but putting in 93 octane gas or dry gas usually did the trick. but now it has been sputtering and almost had no power. we got the fuel filter changed and it seemed to clear up the problem, but 20 minutes later on the highway it seemed to not want to go over 70 mph and was losing power again and then it was running great and the same thing where it didn't run good again. it's just running weird. any thoughts?
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This vehicle should be covered by the Ford factory warranty---no charge repair. Dealer's problem not yours.

The Focus has been wrought with problems and recalls since its inception .
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I don't think it'll be under warranty as we have 57,000 miles on it.

the car will go 80 on the highway, but then slows itself to like 65 and then when we try to go 80 again and then pauses and goes and pauses. could it be a fouled spark plug? i don't have the car here as my wife is driving home from a business trip and this is what she is reporting. she just had the fuel filter checked and like i said she said it made it run better, but its still running bad.
could there be any chance after a fill up with 93 octane and burning most of the gas that it could still be bag gas or water in the gas?

thanks for the help!

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