Windstar cooling system


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Windstar cooling system

Need an opinion on what to do next. Have a 95 Windstar with 3.8 V6. Ran fine yesterday, but drove it less than 3 miles from home today and noticed no heat from heater, but temp gauge pegged at "hot". Pulled over and looked under hood. Only abnormal thing noticed was upper rad hose seemed to be under much pressure. Upon squeezing hose, it seemed very hard and tight as if coolant was not flowing thru thermosat. To remedy situation, I have replaced thermostat & gasket, checked drive belts for proper tension, visually checked water pump seep hole for leaks, physically checked water pump for excess play (these were fine), flushed the cooling system, replaced coolant and carefully used air to blow through radiator fins. Upon test drive after this work noticed that temp gauge no longer is pegged at "hot" side, but is erratic and travels from indications ranging from cooler than normal to warmer than normal (but not hot). The heater does not seem to be working as well as usual either, blowing more cool air than warm.

So, I'm asking for your opinion. What should I do next; short of taking it to the dealer, or is that my best bet? Are there any codes that a DIYercan check on this vehice? I'm relatively new to Fords, having owned and serviced GM autos most of my life.
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You may have an air pocket, which has to be bled out---check below for the coolant flush procedure.

Another likely possibility is a blown head gasket---the 3.8 Ford engine isn't worth a wooden nickel and is a notorious gasket blower.
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