1990 Acclaim heats up when idling


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1990 Acclaim heats up when idling

I have a 1990 Plymouth Acclaim with a 2.5 litre engine that heats up very
quickly (not to the point of overheating but close) when idling. When I say
quickly, I'm talking about a matter of seconds. Also, when driving along the
temperature guage sways back and forth. The rad and thermostat have been
changed, and all the air has been purged from the system yet the problem
persists. The really strange thing about this is when the temperature
control is in the cool position, the problem is less prevelent. The coolant
appears to be circulating fine in the rad and the fan manages to cut in
before any overheating can occur. The is no coolant in the crankcase, no
white smoke from the exhaust and overall the engine runs fine so I don't
believe this is a head gasket issue. The belts are all new and the tension
is fine as well. Could it be that the water pump is staring to fail? Any
help or input would be greatly appreciated.


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Gauge fluctuation is normal on Chrysler products like this---check alldata.com for any bulletins, I think you'll find one on temp. gauge fluctuation.

Read the actual coolant temperature through a scan tool and see what that nets you. You may also have gotten a bad theremostat too.
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Thanks for your prompt reply Joe. I should have mentioned in the original post that this is the third thermostat I have tried and what really concerns me is that this vehicle has never behaved this way before and I want to correct any problems before any serious damage may occur ie: head gasket etc.



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