Tire Questions


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Tire Questions

Hi, Everyone I am a new member.
Several questions on tire..I have a Honda CRV. 4 wheel Dr. The 3 origainal tires have 33k miles on them, the other one has 10k miles on it. Since the 3 old ones are not ready to be declared dead. I just want to replace the one in the front to match the "relatively new"one. After I called several tire shops, I got several suggstions:
1.I shoulg change both tires in order not to damage transmission
2.If I change only one..different brand than the original..even the same sizes..is not recommended.
What do you think I should do? I am thinking just to spend minimum $ to replace one, hoping the front two ( the new and the 10k one) will wear out about the same time..so I can replace 4 at the same time.
Any suggstions will be appreciated!

Gadget K
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Generally, you like to have the two best tires on the drive axles (front or rear). In the case of the CR-V, it is 4WD/AWD, so all positions are drive axles.

I would just get the closest tread pattern you can to what is there, using the same size. Should be fine. I have a couple different tire makes on my Chevy Cavalier, but they are all the same size and similar tread pattern. No problems.

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