All those Crankcase additives - HELLP!!


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Talking All those Crankcase additives - HELLP!!

They clean, they seal, they do a song 'n dance!!

engineRestore, Slick50, Z-Max, and others. You've probably heard of them all. Are any of them a substitute for regular oil changes, or even worth the money as an added step?


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No. It's like saying that a diet pill is a substitute for good eating and exercise.

The latter has been proven in studies, while the former is more sales talk than anything else.

Same with additives. There is no "fix in a can". Change the oil and filter regularly and there are no problems.
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I once tried Bi-Tron as a favour to the local rep. All I tried was the fuel additive.

This was being done in a 1976 Civic about 2 years ago. (yes, a 1976...not a typo...)

I had been getting approx 25 miles/gallon on the highway with it. Original advertised consumption on the highway is 30 miles per gallon.

The car had approx 32000 (original mileage) miles on it.

I put in a fresh fuel filter before the first use of the additive.

Not only did it clean a lot of $h!t out of the fuel lines (I had to replace the filter after 2 tanks of gas), but my highway mileage jumped to almost 36 miles per gallon.

Nobody can tell me that there are no additives that DO work. I'm not saying it is a replacement for proper maintenance, or a fix in a can, but some DO work as advertised.

I might note, if it's a new vehicle you have,never never add any type of anti-friction additive, or the engine will NOT break in properly.
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In all the years the only thing I have ever seen work is TransX stop leak and tune up when used in power steering pumps,, sometimes. I wouldnt have believed it had I not see the results which I am sure would be limited to certain cases. I gotta go with Joe on this one, dont put anything in the engine besides engine oil. Why someone would dump some stuff in a working engine is beyond me. There is one other case, just before cold weather and once in a while in the winter a little shot of dri gas doesnt hurt anything.
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I agree with SBerry.

Short: Not to be a smartass, but if that stuff worked so good, why are you now posting with carburetor troubles ?
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No, no, no.....

My original carburetor had physical damage to the throat...unless you figure that an additive will cause the mixture screw to overtighten itself causing damage before I purchased the car....

But seriously, I don't attribute the additive to the issues that I was having. What I would like to do is find the once available dual carb setup for this.

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