overheating problem


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overheating problem

I have a 1999 Dodge grand caravan with 54, 000 miles and 3.3 ltr engine. I noted my tempoerature gauge spiking upward and assumed it was my water pump. I took it home and checked for fluids. Tne water pump was not leaking. I heard a cricket/chirping sound under the hood(water pump?) . I took it to an independent garage where it was inspected. They noted the water pump not leaking and attempted to put it on an engine diagnosis machine. It was not compatible with their equipment. They did say the cooling fan was running overtime. They suggested I go to a dealer to check the electrical components reference the cooling fan. What controls the cooling fan the engine temperature gauge or the engine computer? Could the water pump be failing although not leaking? Could a failing idler arm be at fault for the temperature swing? I'm taking it to a dealer Monday but would appreciate any input or suggestions.
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have you tried replacing the thermostat i doubt that you have a waterpump problem on this vehicle which is relativly low mileage,
the cooling fans are contolled by the computer and there probably isnt a problem there.
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Whenever I have heard a "chirping" noise under the hood, it turned out to be the water pump, even though it wasn't leaking. Could the noise also be described as "smoochy kissy" noises?
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You'd have to describe the chriping problem (when it occurs, where it occurs/seems to be coming from, etc). for us to help.

It could be a bad belt or a worn idler pulley for one. Depends on what the noise is and where it's originating from.
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Do you have a service engine light on? Start your car & let it run, watch the cooling fan to see if it goes on. Have you had a coolant flush lately? If you have there could be an air pocket in the system. If there is a service engine light you can check the computers codes or history by turning your key. the procedure is: on off on off on then count the number of flashes of your check engine light. If there are no codes it will flash 5 times pause then flash 5 more times that is code 55 witch means end of messages. If there is a code it will flash 3 times (double digits will have a pause in it) coolant code for dodge is i think 34.
Good Luck!
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Smile overheating problem 1999 dodge caravan (solved)

Reference your reply to my inquiry 1999 Dodge Caravan overheating problem. I took it to a dealer who diagnosed the problem as a thermostat not opening up properly. The cricket/chirping sound was allevated when the water pump was replaced. thanks to all.

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